Assignment 1 – Square Mile – Review

After discussing the assignment with my tutor and reading his notes, I revisited my photographs and spent some time trying to improve my submitted selection.

After we both agreed on that two of the photographs didn’t quite fit that well in the series (since one had a car and other had a cyclist) when all the others had no, what we referred to as, distractions, I decided to replace those photographs.

The first one that represented the road leading to the beginning of the climb was replaced for one of that same road, taken a little further behind. I liked the composition of the photo, with the road going to the center of the frame.

One of the points made by my tutor was that without reading the analysis, he never noticed that the series depicted a climb or a hill. In order to sort that, the other “new” photograph is one where the hill is visible in the background, with the road leading to it filling the foreground.

It was also mentioned that the photographs were dark, which although I was aware of that (it was done on purpose in order to give that grey and cold mood to the series), I didn’t really want that to be so obvious to the point of being mentioned. I had several options like making them really dark or turn them into black and white. But, since one of the things that I really liked about the series was the cold colours and tones, and mainly the green from the trees, I didn’t go for any of those options, but instead, I made the photographs slightly brighter.

I will pick some other photographs that didn’t make the final selection and will try to get some monochrome versions, in order to understand what I could have achieved if I would have go that way. I’ll write a blog post about it.

This is my final selection, along with some captions that were not part of the assignment submission, but probably help to understand better the work.



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